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Scholastic Group Lessons - Coming Soon!

Group Lesson in a Scholastic Environment.

  • Scholastic Chess

Service Description

Group Classes are designed to take students from only knowing the basic rules to one day becoming a Chess Master! Classes are divided into levels of White, Green, Blue, and Red "Lions". Each level teaches strategy, tactics, theory, current events, and history. This approach ensures your child is being properly challenged at all times of the program. Our Coaches encourage students to strive for excellence in their learning. After students know the basic rules of Chess, students can enroll in the Group Class Program. What does your child receive if enrolled in Group Lessons? -Chess Current Events Overview / Game of the Day. -Red Lion Chess provides All Boards and Pieces for Gameplay -End of Session "Report Card" for progress for Parents and Lesson Plans. -Coach Analyzing of Dynamic Games from Year 1400 till Modern Day. -Display shown of Chess Kid Electronic or Demo Boards. -Award Ceremony at end of Session including Pizza or Catered Meals. -Competitive "Puzzle-Rush" Game between Peers via Electronic Projectors when applicable. -Simulated Casual Tournament Play and Product Giveaways may be awarded. -"Free-Play" among peers for at least 30 Minutes. The 90 Minute Time Breakdown for Each Session as Follows: 30 Minutes of Group/Game Lesson Overview 30 Minutes of Personalized Coaching Per Student. 30 Minutes of Free Play among peers. Depending on the in-person class; students will learn and practice the following basics and intermediate levels of chess; such as piece movement, understanding checkmate, tactics, chess notation, popular openings, middlegame and endgame strategies, pawn promotion, castling and development, stalemate, piece value and exchange, checkmate patterns, pawn structure, controlling the center, and elements of sportsmanship. Level Promotion and Recognition Students will promote at different paces based on previous experience, class engagement, and tournament play. For students not competing in tournaments, Red Lion coaches will meet on a weekly basis to discuss and review Chess Kid games and class activity to consider promotion. *All of our instructors here at Red Lion Chess Academy are thoroughly Background Checked*.

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