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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chess Coaches Worth it?

The answer is clearly yes if the goal is to achieve significant progress. For anyone who wants to seriously improve as a chess player, understanding the following is important: A chess coach is a teacher, cheerleader, confidant, and friend—someone who shows both the positive aspects of how you play as well as areas where you need to improve by doing the following:

Great coaches are able to skillfully identify a student's strengths and weaknesses faster than any computer, and tailor a custom learning plan to maximize a student's potential. Is the student moving too quickly in the opening? Does she have a tendency to overlook her opponent's threats? Is she strategically strong but tactically weak?


The best coaches know how to push their students hard enough, but also use friendship and humor as a way to engage and keep them motivated. In addition to building up a student's chess skills, the chess coach simultaneously helps her build confidence, resolve, accountability, and a sense of achievement.

What are the main differences between Group and Private Lesson?

Group lesson primarily focuses on improving the socialization between children in combination with a broad overview of Chess in an effort to improve decision making and critical thinking skills.  These classes comprise of "free play" among their peers; brief lessons and tactical examples such as "game or puzzles of the day, general chess history and simulated casual tournament environments.  At the end of each session an award ceremony is conducted where students are congratulated on their completion of newly acquired chess knowledge. 

Private Lesson centers around the strengths and weaknesses of the given student.  A customizable lesson plan and curriculum is designed specifically for their goals.  For Youth a Chess Kid Gold Membership is recommended and required private lesson plans to ensure progress throughout the program; if an Adult is seeking Private Lessons a or Lichess account combined with the Discord Membership will work.. For more details see "Private Lessons or Discord Membership" under our "Services" tab.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

No, Red Lion Chess provides all materials such as chessboards, pieces, notation, and any additional learning supplies.  Game clocks will be provided if requested or tournament setting permits it.  If remote or online lesson; ensure you have a Gold Chess-Kid Membership.

Is Chess Kids' Gold Membership required for At-Home or Remote Lessons?

For Youth Remote Lessons, a separate Chess-Kid is Required and for good reason! is the premier coaching tool designed just for children. On the site or app, safety is a top priority. This revolutionary tool not only engages the student in a ‘kid-friendly’ way but also allows the Red Lion instructors to track their students’ progress. Our teachers can see their games, activities, send them assignments, and then customize our lessons to the needs of the child.  If you are using ensure safe mode is enabled for children.  For Over the Board (OTB) Private Lessons a Chess-Kid Membership is NOT required instead a Coach will provide lesson material to ensure retention.


Deep Dive into the Chess Benefits for Kids

A compilation of the best high-level summaries of the benefits of chess.  As well as a bibliography of chess research produced by the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

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Red Lion's Ranking System

A chess ranking system is a system used in chess to estimate the strength of a player, based on their performance versus other players.

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