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Our Team


Coach Steven
Founder of Red Lion Chess Academy

Steven was born in Las Vegas, Nevada; at the age of 6, he began playing chess as an extracurricular activity and later won his first tournament at the age of 9. Since then, he has become an advanced level chess instructor and plays recreationally in local schools and clubs.  He then went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. Throughout his studies, he grew an interest in becoming a teacher and shifted his focus towards his real passion, Teaching Chess. Steven holds an unparalleled will to continue his journey of lifelong education in the world of chess. Steven has competed; however, his direction focuses solely on growing the game of chess.


Steven excels at seeing the world through the eyes of others, a devout expert at resolving conflicts, empathizing, evaluating, mentoring, organizing, and managing others.  In a professional setting, Steven has experience working directly with youth, at-risk individuals, families, and groups, helping people cope, change, and solve problems in a positive manner which can make a real impact on many facets of their daily lives. At the current time, Steven spends his days studying to obtain the title of National Expert. He has received letters of endorsement ranging from US chess schools, affiliate clubs, foundations, and has been coached by numerous coaches rated 2000 or above. In 2021, Steven founded Red Lion Chess Academy.​

Coach Alexandra
Founder of Red Lion Chess Academy

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I’m from Las Vegas, NV. I grew up Figure Skating competitively in McCall, ID. I studied Human Services at University of Nevada, Las Vegas so I can help counsel people who are struggling with mental health and socioeconomic needs. I’m passionate about giving back and helping others in the community. My work experience is diverse, previously working as a Registered Behavior Technician, a caregiver, and academic tutoring. I’ve helped those with intellectual and physical disabilities, finding ways to improve their quality of life. 


Over the years, I've grown fond of chess after discovering how beneficial it can be. I’ve witnessed first-hand how it aides in improving memory and attention span for those with dementia or ADHD. It’s a great way to improve logic and critical thinking skills, expanding your mind in ways I never imagined possible. It’s also been a great way to help those struggling with mental health and various needs, no matter who you are. Chess is tremendous at helping people destress and unplug from whatever struggles they may face, promoting a positive mentality and space to channel your energy. I have enjoyed playing chess and teaching others as well, helping improve their logic and mental well-being. Most importantly, I love the community of people I have discovered since I began playing and teaching for Red Lion Chess Academy.

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