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What is Chess-Kid? is the premier coaching tool designed just for children. On the site or app, safety is a top priority. There are no advertisements, Chess-Kid approves all usernames, and children and adults cannot interact except for a specified ‘Guardianship’.

This revolutionary tool not only engages the student in a ‘kid-friendly’ way but also allows the Red Lion instructors to track their students’ progress. Our teachers can see their games, activities, send them assignments, and then customize our lessons to the needs of the child. Chess-Kid is the best website to help your child improve at Chess! So what does my student receive if a Gold Membership is purchased?

Gold Club Features:

  • Gold Membership allows full, unlimited access to the entire site and unlocks all of the Chess-Kid educational features: all of our Levels (with interactive, guided lessons), unlimited live chess, slow chess, all 10 computer chess levels, puzzles, puzzle duels, computer workouts & more than 800 educational videos - with new content added all the time. The game history for Gold Members saves all of the games played on the site.

  • Some additional Benefits Below for Chess-Kid Features in relation to Red Lion Chess Academy:

  • Play Games against Red Lion Coaches which enables Progress Tracking or Lesson Retention

  • Chess-Kid support from Red Lion Staff

  • Full-Access to Chess-Kid Adventure Game!


What is Chess-Kid Adventure?

Chess-Kid Adventure is a magical world of quests and characters to help kids learn and master chess! This is an additional app to the existing Chess-Kid app already available. Now kids can have double the fun, either on iOS or Android.

Across 6 quests and over 200 mini challenges, learn how to play and master chess from engaging animated characters. Collect gold coins along the way to fill out your collection of costume outfits. Chess-Kid Adventure is great for beginners!

Once you learn the rules, play live chess games against other kids on a platform designed for privacy and security. Chess-Kid offers the largest chess server in the world that is safe for kids, with no free-form chat.

Improve your skills by challenging 40+ unique mythical characters across 15 different levels of difficulty. Learn their backstories then see if you can defeat them on your own to win coins and prizes.

And the best part? Your Chess-Kid membership works with Chess-Kid Adventure! Use your Chess-Kid username and password to log in to Chess-Kid Adventure. If you have a Gold Membership acquired from Red Lion, those benefits extend to Chess-Kid Adventure too!

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