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What We Believe

Our Core Values:

We follow the R.E.D. acronym which stands for Respect, Excellence, and Determination. At the earliest of ages; we teach our students to respect one another and reciprocate that to their peers, instructors, and the Academy. There is always room for improvement, and over time it leads to excellence. We aim for excellence in everything we do. Each one of us has encountered setbacks in life and over the board. Overcoming obstacles can be challenging; therefore, we believe determination is the key to success.

Here at Red Lion we are committed to supporting every student throughout their entire chess journey.  Whether your goal is to become master or to simply play in a casual setting; our programs are designed for all, with an emphasis on the genuine enjoyment of the game of chess. We want to promote chess all around the world because we believe it is a great tool that can help young children become more successful in life.


Why Red Lion?

The lion is a fearless unprecedented creature that is depicted in a multitude of inspirational cultures around the world. The mythological stories that have been passed down from our ancestors all have symbolized the lion as nothing short of kingly might. The majestic Red Lion represents a never-ending list of integral qualities: courageous, strong, protective, loyal, vigilant, intelligent, and family-driven. These are also the exact key qualities needed in successful chess players.  

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